Sunday, January 27, 2008


As I was leaving Celery Bog Saturday, two swans were sauntering down the drive. I immediately stopped the car and started taking photos, which didn't phase them in the least. I don't know swans and assumed they're trumpeter swans (because they're more common here, I think), but after I got the pictures home and started looking in books, I wasn't sure. I decided their bills are those of a mute swan; at least, that's what I come up with after looking at several pictures of the bills.

Either way, it was fun to get so close to them after only seeing them across the marsh.

Anyone who might know more than I do, please feel free to clarify this for me. Thanks!

Edit: thanks to all who replied via INBIRD and other ways -- definitely mute swans, and it's nice to have the confirmation!

I thought they were going to fly away at this point but the one was just... stretching or something, I guess!

Although it looks like s/he's running, this swan was merely plodding along... I love those huge feet!

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  1. These are Mute Swans. Beautiful invasive introduced species.