Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Fling!

I went to Celery Bog Friday morning and just by coincidence, hit the perfect day. Spring wildflowers were, well, going wild! Many of them are at peak bloom; carpets of spring beauties, mayapples everywhere, Jack-in-the-pulpits peeking out, Jacob's ladders creating soft blue spots. The front that moved through Thursday night must have brought in hundreds of migrating birds, too -- I've never heard so much bird song in one place -- warblers everywhere, wood thrush's flute-like tones, white-throated sparrows hopping in the underbrush, wrens singing up a storm; it went on and on. It was a perfect day and I hopefully captured a little of it in my photos; I know I captured a lot of it in my heart.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Muskrat Love

So... when did you grow up? What music did you listen to? Does the song title, "Muskrat Love" mean anything to you?

Just had to ask :) I couldn't help thinking of the song when a muskrat nest was pointed out to me at Celery Bog. My photo isn't great but I didn't want to get closer and disturb the muskrat. The nest is on the right side of the photo; it's that grassy, twiggy pile on top of the log in the water. The mother is the smooth mound at the top. I had no idea they built their nests in such an exposed place -- more about muskrats can be found here, if, like me, you don't know much about them.

And in celebration of spring, here are a few more photos. I love the sounds, smells, looks of spring... the flocks of yellow-rumped warblers in the woods, the peeper's chorus, the aroma of moist earth. The first mockingbird song of the year and the cool breezes over my bed. The awakening of life and the renewal of hope and joy.

Great blue heron, possibly my favorite bird

turtle basking in sun

spring beauties, an early wildflower

skunk cabbage just emerging

Happy spring, everyone!